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 A special day deserves a special bike.

Jackson Pollock, The Stone Roses – whatever the inspiration, Connor Swift’s custom painted Genesis Zero SL is a masterpiece.

Directed by Swift and imagined and created by Rob (better known as Doktor Bobby) at Colourburn Studios, the completed work will join Connor’s custom kit, shoes, helmet and eyewear just in time for the Tour of Britain.


Connor Swift:

"Having seen Rob’s previous work on Instagram, I knew that he is a man that you can trust to let the crayons go on a custom paint job.

I didn’t want a standard, plain national champion coloured bike. I wanted a bit more colour.

From this straight away he was already on the ball and had thought about including red and blue paint splatters over the standard white frame."

After receiving some paint-splattered examples, Connor approved and all that was left to take care of were some finishing touches.

"I did ask for a few specifics which include having a Yorkshire rose on the seat tube of the frameset. This is due to being a proud Yorkshireman and I already put a Yorkshire rose sticker in that location on all of my bikes anyway. To have that in the paint job is just great!

In addition to this I had asked for a target  on the top tube and the date of the national champs underneath.

Finally, I asked for the quote’ believe and you can achieve’ which Rob put on the top of the white matching stem.
The quote relates to a book that I have read called ‘The Secret’. It’s a pretty motivational book talking all things from what you think about you bring about.

On the day of the Nationals and this season in particular I feel the book has helped me and therefore I thought that quote is suited for the bike. The logo of the book is hidden under the downtube just so that it is on the bike too.
Finally Rob had said if I wanted my name on the bike to be done in gold. I asked for Swifty to be put on the right side of the top tube where a normal frame name sticker would go as that’s my nickname.

The finished article is absolutely mega and I can’t wait to ride it!

I’d just like to say a massive thankyou to the team and Rob for creating this for me."



Connor Swift's Custom Zero SL : The Gallery