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Madison is pleased to announce a partnership with Kärcher for distribution of their OC3 portable cleaner, their most portable unit yet. Kärcher is renowned worldwide for their superior performance and high-quality parts while boasting an incredibly low returns rate of under 1.5%.

The OC3 isn’t a pressure washer, running at 5 bar rather than the 110 you’d find with a dedicated pressure unit. This makes it perfect for use on delicate parts of a bike such as the headset and bottom bracket bearings. It’s designed as a way to quickly clean your bike before you put it in the car, so you don’t have to spend yet more time cleaning your car when you’re home.

With a four-litre capacity, the OC3 makes extremely efficient use of water, but can be connected to larger, external, tanks using a suction hose should you need extra capacity. In line with that, the built-in lithium-ion battery retains a 15min charge, giving you more than enough time to clean plenty of bikes.

John Harris, Kärcher brand manager at Madison, said:

“We are really pleased to be working with Kärcher on the OC3 portable washer. They have entered into the mobile washer market with considerable strength, given the brand recognition, and we think it is an excellent proposition for our retailers and end consumers alike. It’s a great solution for keeping your car clean after a muddy ride and making the process of maintaining your bike easier. It comes in at a great price and we are confident it will be a real success amongst our extensive dealer network.”

Dealers can contact their local sales agent for more information, or check out at