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With just two weeks to go until the show, we sat down with Park Tool Director of Education (and all-round legend) Calvin Jones to gain some insight into his life. See him and make sure you attend his seminar at iceBike* 2019.

What can visitors expect from your ‘Education Never Sleeps’ seminar at iceBike*?

Continuing education of you and your staff has always been and will continue to form the cornerstone of your consumer relationships. We will discuss how people learn skills and ways to use that in the shop.
What would you say to a shop owner or bike mechanic that was thinking of coming to iceBike*?

iceBike* is a great opportunity to meet and interface with the people and personalities that have your back, that can give you insights to their product, and that also want your feedback. Plus, you get stickers. Don't forget the stickers.

What is your number one piece of advice to all bike mechanics?
Remember why you are doing this.

Bicycle technology is changing all the time, so how do you stay on top of what’s new and what motivates you?

Learning is always fun, so trying new things and finding new procedures is its own reward. Coaching, working events as a mechanic, answering questions on all sorts of issues keeps my fingers on the pulse of the industry.  

How did you get into the industry and how did you start working at Park Tool?

In 1970, a new bike I had just bought had a mechanical issue. With enlightenment from that shop mechanic, I realized at 14 there was an entire world I could explore. Nothing but bikes from then on. In 1997, a baby was coming and I knew I needed a better job, and applied for a position at Park Tool.

What makes Park Tool special?

Besides having staff that works hard to stay current, Park Tool has a loyal following that keeps us up to date on new technology and new ways to help them in their repairs, their riding, and in their businesses.

If there was one lesson that visitors will learn from your seminar, what would it be?

The shop owner/manager is ultimately held responsible for the service of the employees/staff, so even if you trust your staff, you still need to verify they are producing the type of results you want.