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Just keeping your head down and getting on with your day to day work is no way to get ahead in business. Stagnation and getting bogged down in the day-to-day grind and a negative spiral can be the inevitable outcome for every business owner. However, you owe it to yourself and your staff to be constantly looking for new ways to move your business forward. You need to stay as fresh and as motivated as you did on the day you started in the business. You need to get to being excited about what you do!


Retail is highly competitive and challenging and the cycle market is not immune to the changes in how consumers like to shop. This coupled with a low level of consumer confidence as the country exits the EU, makes for a perfect storm. There are two options as I see it. You can either be a quitter or a fighter. The easiest option is to quit, but great success often comes just one step beyond the point when defeat has all but overtaken you. So, are you going to be a quitter or a fighter?


We want to work with fighters and we want you to get excited about what you do and how you can take your business forward. Madison wants to help you achieve this. iceBike* is designed to inspire you, motivate you, refresh you, stimulate you and reinvigorate you and your team.


iceBike* is not just about product. We know you love seeing new product and brands at iceBike* and clearly it is a really important part of the show, but it is more than that. You get to meet the people behind the brands. Business people passionate about product, just like you. You get a better brand and product insight than you would ever normally get and you get to become friends.


Brands and products are only part of the iceBike* offering. We want to help you sell them with confidence and provide the best consumer experience possible. iceBike* has always placed a huge emphasis on education. This year we have brought in retail practitioner, Alf Dunbar to help you and your staff sell with confidence. Whilst Mark O’Dolan will be located in our popular “demo store” to provide one to one help on visual merchandising techniques and who to range plan effectively. As in other years we also have technical training sessions from Calvin Jones from Park Tool and a number of other technical managers.


Last year we introduced the business area to iceBike* where we can have private conversations covering your specific business needs as well as training on B2B for example. Members of the senior management team will be available to cover any questions you may have about the business, the market or to explain Shimano’s global strategy to for their brand through the introduction of geo-blocking which will undoubtedly have a very positive outcome for the bricks and mortar specialist retailer. This year we will also be demonstrating how you can become part of the Freewheel Retailer Union.


We believe we have put together our best iceBike* yet. We hope you can get a huge amount out of attending which will more than justify you taking a small amount of time out of the business. We hope you can look at it as an investment in yourself and your business. Sure we’ll have amazing offers and promotions exclusive to only those who attend and believe me you don’t want to miss out of these offers. But we also hope to get you thinking about your business and how you are going to approach the 2019 season and how to make sure you guarantee 2019 is great year for you.


Finally, iceBike* is a great opportunity to network and socialise. We’d love you to stay over and join us for the evening parties at a new venue where you can also see our new Shimano Technical Training Centre. Tuesday night is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Elite and 20 years of Madison being their distribution partner for the UK and Ireland.  This will be a fun night of Italian food, drink and entertainment. For Wednesday night we are celebrating 100 years of Lazer and all things Belgian!


iceBike* is for you, so without you it is nothing. Please register at and make that investment of time for your business which I know will pay dividends for you.


Best regards

Dom Langan